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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Fiscal year
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 2
§ 3. Fiscal year. 1. The current fiscal year of the state which
commenced with the first day of July, nineteen hundred forty-two, is
hereby abridged and shall end with the thirty-first day of March,
nineteen hundred forty-three. For all purposes of determining annual
increments of state employees pursuant to the education law, the civil
service law or other state law, and for all purposes whenever by law
some act is to be performed or time is to be measured by the fiscal year
of the state, the current fiscal year, as so abridged, shall be deemed
to be a full year unless the context clearly requires a contrary

On and after the first day of April, nineteen hundred forty-three, the
fiscal year of the state, for the purpose of budget, appropriations,
receipts and disbursements of state moneys and all other state affairs
which are regulated in accordance with or based on fiscal years,
including the fiscal affairs of all state departments, commissions,
boards, agencies, offices and institutions, shall begin with the first
day of April and end with the next following thirty-first day of March.

2. All books and accounts in the offices of the comptroller and the
department of taxation and finance shall be kept by fiscal years. All
annual accounts required to be rendered to the comptroller or to such
department by any person shall be closed on the thirty-first day of
March in each year, and be rendered as soon thereafter as practicable,
if no time is specially prescribed by law.

3. Where any statute provides, in terms or effect, that any inventory
or account, or a report relating in whole or in part to receipts and
disbursements of money, be made to the legislature or any state officer
annually, or for a year, by a department, commission, board, or officer
under the state government, such inventory or account, and such report
so far as it relates to such receipts and disbursements, shall be for
the preceding fiscal year, unless the calendar year be expressly

4. Existing provisions of other laws describing or referring to a
fiscal year of the state as beginning July first and ending June
thirtieth, or making any requirement with respect to such fiscal year,
or referring to any year so beginning and ending which applies to
inventories or accounts in state matters, or to reports relating to
state money or property, shall be deemed modified by and be construed in
connection with this section, and be deemed to refer to a fiscal or to
another year or period beginning and ending as herein prescribed for a
fiscal year.