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Capital projects and maintenance statements
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 2
§ 14-b. Capital projects and maintenance statements. The head of
each state agency shall furnish the governor, at the time and in the
form he requires but in no event later than December first of each year,
a statement for which plans prepared to meet other existing statutory
requirements may be accepted as a partial or complete substitute as
determined by the director of the budget, copies of which shall
forthwith be furnished to the chairman of the senate finance committee
and the chairman of the assembly ways and means committee, setting

a. a detailed schedule by fund, of all capital projects recommended to
be undertaken or continued in any of the next five fiscal years, which
shall provide the following information for each capital project:

(1) a description of the project in less than thirty words,

(2) the estimated total cost of the project and, if appropriate, the
useful life of the project,

(3) the total of all disbursements for the project made prior to the
then current fiscal year,

(4) the total amount of disbursements for the project recommended to
be made during the current fiscal year, and during each of the next
ensuing five fiscal years, provided however that (i) the information
required by this paragraph may be provided for groupings of projects in
those cases where the director of the budget determines it cannot be
provided on a project by project basis,

(5) the estimated date of project completion, and

(6) the amount of the total project costs for which the state or state
agency will be contractually obligated as of the close of the then
current fiscal year;

b. summaries of the following:

(1) the agency's proposed capital and maintenance activities, goals
and objectives, including explanations of any changes to the goals and
objectives resulting from new program initiatives, completion of prior
program initiatives, or mandated legislative changes,

(2) the agency's proposed new and anticipated future capital
appropriations by capital projects funds and by comprehensive
construction programs,

(3) the agency's appropriations and reappropriations as currently
enacted by capital projects funds and by comprehensive construction

(4) agency's projected capital construction contract commitments and a
comparison with previous commitment plans,

(5) the agency's total estimated disbursements, by capital projects
funds and comprehensive construction programs, from existing and
proposed new and future appropriations, a discussion of the assumptions
underlying such estimated disbursements, and an explanation of the
annual increase and/or decrease in such estimated disbursements,

(6) recommendations for financing the capital programs inclusive of
pay-as-you-go financing, general fund revenues, special revenues such as
user charges and federal grants, existing debt authorization and new
debt authorization, and an explanation of the relative advantages of the
methods proposed over the alternative;

c. for the purposes of the subdivision, capital projects of less than
fifty thousand dollars may be grouped into appropriate categories; and

d. a five-year scheduled maintenance plan for the agency's capital
assets prepared in accordance with section twenty-six of this chapter.