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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Fees to be charged for certain documents
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 2
§ 15. Fees to be charged for certain documents. 1. Except as herein
otherwise provided, no blank, report, pamphlet or other document printed
pursuant to law by or under the supervision and direction of a state
department, or a division, officer, board, bureau, commission or other
state agency, included within such department, shall be furnished or
distributed to any person except on payment of a fee therefor, to be
fixed as herein provided.

2. The head of each state department shall adopt rules and regulations
governing the printing and distribution of all blanks, reports,
pamphlets and other documents printed by or under the direction and
supervision of his department, or of any officer, board, division,
bureau, commission or other state agency included within such
department, and containing an itemized schedule of fees to be charged
therefor. Such rules and regulations shall be submitted by such
department head to the director of the budget and, upon his approval
thereof, shall have the force and effect of law. Such rules and
regulations may be revised from time to time, subject to the approval of
such director. In preparing such schedule of fees each department head
shall be guided, as far as possible, by the unit cost to the state of
the preparation, printing and distribution of such blanks, reports,
pamphlets and other documents. A copy of the rules and regulations in
force for each department shall be at all times conspicuously displayed
in the principal office of such department and in the particular portion
of such department where the blanks, reports, pamphlets and other
documents of the department are available for distribution.

3. No fee shall be charged for furnishing a report or other document
which is required by law to be made or furnished to the governor, the
legislature or to any of the state departments, and the director of the
budget may prescribe other cases in which no fee shall be charged.

4. A true record and account of all fees received pursuant to this
section shall be kept by the head of each department or by someone
delegated by him to perform such task.

5. Nothing herein contained shall apply to reports, documents or
pamphlets furnished to the governor, a member of the legislature, a
representative of the press, the head of any state department.

6. All fees collected by the commissioner of transportation pursuant
to the provisions of this section shall be deposited by the comptroller
into the special obligation reserve and payment account of the dedicated
highway and bridge trust fund established pursuant to section
eighty-nine-b of this chapter.