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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56

Section 40. Period for which appropriations made.

40-a. Repayment of advances.

41. Indebtedness not to be contracted without appropriation.

42. Limitation on expenditures.

43. Specific appropriations limited as to use; certain

appropriations to be specific.

43-a. Payment of judgments of the court of claims in certain

cases arising out of the appropriation of property by

the state.

44. Appropriations for personal service; general.

47. Substitute employees.

48. Travel expenses for officers and employees.

49. Segregation of lump sum appropriations.

50. Transfers of appropriations.

51. Interchange of appropriations or items therein.

52. Classification of expenditures.

53. Special emergency appropriations.

53-a. Filing of notices of applications for state participation

in certain federal programs.

53-b. Authorization of applications for state participation in

certain grant or contract supported programs.

53-c. Report on financial support of research institutes.

53-d. Estimates of fiscal impact.