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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Notice to owners
§ 59-a. Notice to owners. The adjutant general shall, upon the filing
of the certified copy of such survey, map and certificates in the office
of such county clerk, serve upon the owners of the lands, and the
structures and waters thereon, included in such survey, and upon all
persons, corporations or municipalities having any estate or interest
therein, a notice of the filing of such survey, map and certificates as
above provided, which notice shall specifically describe that portion of
the property belonging to the owner which has been so appropriated for
the purposes hereinbefore prescribed. If the adjutant general is not
able to serve such notice upon the owner of such property or the person
or corporation having an estate or interest therein, after making
reasonable effort to do so, or if he is unable to ascertain the persons,
corporations or municipalities owning such lands and the structures and
waters thereon, or is unable to discover the character of the estate or
interest in and to such lands, of any person, corporation or
municipality, he shall cause such notice to be published at least once
in a newspaper published in the county where such land or any portion
thereof is situated, and in such other newspapers as he may deem