1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. State
  4. Article 4-A: Acquisition of Land For Public Defense

Section 59-B Purchase or acquisition of lands; payment of purchase price

State (STL)

The commission shall cause an appraisal to be made of just compensation to the owners of the lands and the structures and waters thereon, appropriated by the state as hereinbefore provided, and of the estates and interests therein of all persons, corporations or municipalities. The commission shall negotiate with the owners of such property for the purchase thereof, but in no case shall an amount greater than the appraised compensation for such property be paid. The commission and the persons, corporations and municipalities whose property has been appropriated and who have agreed upon a compensation to be paid therefor, shall enter into an agreement for the conveyance or transfer of the property appropriated and for the payment of the compensation to be paid, which shall be executed by the commission and the said owners. Such agreement shall be filed in the office of the comptroller. If the commission is unable to agree as to the compensation to be paid for such lands and the structures and waters thereon, the court of claims shall have jurisdiction to determine the amount of such compensation, and upon proceedings being brought before such court as provided by law, an award shall be made of compensation for the lands, structures and waters or interests therein so appropriated.

  The persons, corporations or municipalities whose property has been taken under the provisions of this article, and who have agreed upon the compensation to be paid therefor or to whom an award of compensation has been made by the court of claims, shall be entitled to interest from the time of the actual occupancy thereof by the state to the date of the payment of the said compensation; but such interest shall cease upon the service by the comptroller upon the person, corporation or municipality entitled thereto of a notice that the state is ready and willing to pay the amount of such compensation upon the presentation of proper proof and vouchers.