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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Transportation (TRA) CHAPTER 61-A, ARTICLE 2-D
§ 40. Definitions. Whenever used in this article, unless a different
meaning clearly appears from the context:

1. "Authority" shall mean a public benefit corporation created by
section forty-one of this article for the purposes specified in article
five-I of the general municipal law.

2. "Government" shall include the state, municipality and the federal
government, and any agency or instrumentality, corporate or otherwise,
or any of them acting for and on behalf of the state, a municipality or
the federal government.

3. "State" shall mean New York State.

4. "Municipality" shall mean a city, town, village or county not
wholly contained within a city.

5. "Municipal corporation" shall mean a city, town, village, or county
not wholly contained within a city, special transportation district,
public benefit corporation or other public corporation, or two or more
of the foregoing acting jointly.

6. "Real Property" shall include lands, waters, rights in lands or
waters, structures, franchises and interests in land, including lands
under water, riparian rights, and air rights, and any and all other
things and rights usually included within the said term and includes
also any and all interests in such property less than full title, such
as easements, permanent or temporary, rights-of-way, uses, leases,
licenses and all other incorporeal heriditaments and every estate,
interest or right legal or equitable.

7. "Personal property" shall mean chattels and other tangible things
of a movable or removable nature.

8. "Property" shall mean both real and personal property.

9. "Capital project" shall mean the acquisition, construction,
reconstruction or improvement of any omnibus, transportation or other
omnibus transportation capital facility and real property and capital
equipment used in connection therewith; including the preparation of
feasibility studies, plans, specifications and estimates of cost

10. "Municipal project" shall mean any omnibus transportation capital
project undertaken by a municipal corporation.

11. "Federal project" shall mean a municipal project aided or financed
in whole or in part by the federal government.

12. "State Project" shall mean a municipal project aided or financed
in whole or in part by the state.

13. "Project" shall mean a specific work or improvement to effectuate
all or any part of a plan. A project may be a federal project, a state
project, a municipal project or any combination of these.

14. "Project cost" shall mean the actual cost of any municipal
project, or the estimated cost of such project as determined by the
commissioner of transportation, whichever is lower, plus any direct
incidental costs approved by the commissioner and the state comptroller.

15. "Plan" shall mean a plan or undertaking to carry into effect any
municipal project.

16. "Governing body" shall mean (1) In a county, the county
legislative body; (2) in a city, the board of aldermen, a common
council, commission or other body vested by its charter or other law
with jurisdiction to enact ordinances or local laws, except that in a
city having a population of one million or more, if there be a board of
estimate, the term "governing body" shall mean such board of estimate;
(3) in a town, the town board; and, (4) in a village, the board of

17. "Federal assistance" shall mean funds available, other than by
loan from the federal government to the Utica transit authority, either
directly or through allocation by the state, for any omnibus
transportation capital project.

18. "State Assistance" shall mean funds available from the state
government to any omnibus transportation capital project.