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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Utica Transit Authority
Transportation (TRA) CHAPTER 61-A

Section 40. Definitions.

41. Organization.

42. Scope of jurisdiction.

43. Powers and duties.

44. Officers and employees; compensation and expenses.

45. Vacancies and removals.

46. Non-liability of authority members.

47. Disqualification of members and employees.

48. Not within jurisdiction of public service commission.

49. Plans for proposed municipal projects; statement of

project costs.

50. Statewide transportation planning.

51. Comprehensive regional planning.

52. Construction contracts, cancellation of contracts,

disqualification to contract with mass transportation

authority, statement of non-collusion in bids on


53. Financial assistance from and cooperation with the state

and federal governments.

54. Bonds.

55. Provisions of bonds.

56. Negotiability of bonds.

57. Signature on bonds.

58. Repurchase of bonds.

59. Suit on bonds.

60. Bond covenants.

61. Bonds and notes as legal investments.

62. Remedies against the Utica transit authority.

62-a. Actions against authority.

63. Liability of state or municipality.

64. Tax exemptions.

65. Depositories of funds.

66. Filing of by-laws, rules and regulations.

67. Dissolution.

68. Disposal of records.

69. Reproduction of records.