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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Training requirements for fire commissioners
§ 176-e. Training requirements for fire commissioners. Each fire
commissioner shall attend and successfully complete a
commissioner-specific state-approved training course within two hundred
seventy days of the taking of such office. The course will contain
training related to legal, fiduciary, financial, procurement, and
ethical responsibilities and such other disciplines as may be prescribed
by the state comptroller. Such course shall be prescribed and certified
in rules promulgated by the state comptroller. The manner, frequency,
and duration of such course shall be established by such rules. Course
materials should be made available upon request. When approved by the
board of fire commissioners in advance of a commissioner attending such
training course, the actual and necessary expenses incurred by a
commissioner in successfully completing the training required by this
section shall be a charge against the fire district.