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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Fire, Fire Alarm and Fire Protection Districts

Section 170. Establishment and extension of fire, fire alarm and fire

protection districts.

171. Petition and hearing.

172-a. Alteration of boundaries of fire districts.

172-c. Alteration of boundaries of fire protection district.

172-e. Change of name of fire district.

172-f. Resolution and hearing for diminution of fire district


172-g. Filing of determination.

173. Filing of determination.

174. Fire district officers.

175. Election of fire district officers.

175-a. Registration for voters.

175-b. Absentee ballots for fire district elections; special


175-c. Notice of hearings and elections.

176. Powers and duties of fire district commissioners.

176-a. Duties of chief and assistant chiefs of fire department

of fire district.

176-b. Volunteer members of fire district fire companies.

176-c. Removal of fire commissioners.

176-d. Funding of fire districts.

176-e. Training requirements for fire commissioners.

177. Powers and duties of fire district treasurer.

177-b. Powers and duties of deputy fire district treasurers.

177-c. Powers and duties of the director of purchasing.

178. Powers and duties of fire district secretary.

178-a. Expenses incurred in attending town and county officers

training school.

178-b. Expenses of the association of fire districts of the

state of New York.

178-c. Expenses of fire district officers, officials and


178-d. Costs, expenses and damages a fire district charge in

certain cases.

179. Special district elections to vote upon appropriations.

180. Actions and proceedings against fire districts.

181. Annual budget and levy of taxes.

181-a. Budgetary controls.

181-b. Independent audit of fire districts.

182. Effect of incorporation of village or city including

lands within a fire district.

183. Fire alarm districts.

184. Fire protection districts.

184-a. Contract for water supply outside of fire districts.

184-c. Water supply outside of fire districts.

186. Savings clause.

187. Exclusion of a fire district from a water supply


188. Use of surplus town moneys for purchase of fire apparatus

for use in town fire districts.

189. Fire inspection of property in contract areas.