1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Town
  4. Article 12: District and Special Improvements

Section 190 Establishment or extension of improvement districts

Town (TWN)

Upon a petition as hereinafter provided, the town board of any town may establish or extend in said town a sewer, drainage, water, water quality treatment, park, public parking, lighting, snow removal, water supply, sidewalk, a fallout shelter district or refuse and garbage district, aquatic plant growth control district, ambulance district, watershed protection improvement district, and in any town bordering upon or containing within its boundaries any navigable waters of this state, a harbor improvement district, a public dock district, or beach erosion control district, and provide improvements or services, or both, in any such district, wholly at the expense of the district; but no water supply district shall be established or extended to include lands situate within the boundaries of a water district. No such district shall be established or extended in a city or in an incorporated village provided, however, that such a district may be established or extended wholly or partly within an incorporated village on consent of the village expressed in a local law, ordinance or resolution, subject to a referendum on petition under section twenty-four of the municipal home rule law or a permissive referendum under article nine of the village law, as the case may be, and except, in the case of a water quality treatment district, on consent of a village expressed in a local law or by resolution of the board of trustees and not subject to any referendum.