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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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District and Special Improvements

Section 190. Establishment or extension of improvement districts.

190-a. Water storage and distribution districts.

190-b. Sewage disposal districts.

190-c. Preparation of maps and plans.

190-d. Procedure for establishment of a sewage disposal


190-e. Wastewater disposal districts.

190-f. Additional powers of sewer districts.

190-g. Water quality treatment districts.

191. Petition.

191-a. Preparation of maps and plans for sewer, wastewater

disposal, drainage and water districts before petition.

192. Maps and plans for sewer, wastewater disposal, drainage

and water districts.

192-a. Provision for excess sewer, drainage or water facilities.

193. Notice of hearing on petition; cost to typical property;


194. Establishment or extension of districts.

194-a. Powers of town boards with respect to certain contracts.

195. Recording of determination; review by certiorari.

196. Modification of plans for sewer, wastewater disposal,

drainage, water or water quality treatment districts.

197. Performance of the work.

197-a. Contracts by water districts or town water storage and

distribution districts with water authorities.

198. Powers of town boards with respect to improvement


198-a. Special districts for disposal of duck waste in Suffolk


199. Proceedings for lateral sewers, drains or water mains.

200. Petition for street improvement and proceedings thereon.

200-a. Construction and repair of sidewalks pursuant to order of

town board.

201. Sewer and water connections.

202. Expenses of improvement; how raised.

202-a. Expense of maintenance.

202-b. Increase or improvement of facilities.

202-c. Dissolution and diminishing area of certain districts.

202-d. Increase of maximum amount to be expended.

202-e. Acquisition and improvement of additional property in

park districts.

202-f. Construction or installation of certain improvements in

state highways and county roads.

203. Existing districts preserved.

204. Transition to benefit basis levy of assessments in

existing lighting districts.

207. Re-establishment of certain water supply districts as

water districts.

208. Joint administration and operation of special or

improvement districts with town functions.

208-a. Acquisition of land for proposed district.

208-b. Dissolution of lighting or public parking districts; town

of Oyster Bay.