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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Sewer and water connections
§ 201. Sewer and water connections. Whenever the town board shall have
established one or more sewer or water districts, or both, the town
board shall adopt a resolution or ordinance prescribing how sewer or
water connections shall be made therein. After the board shall have
adopted such resolution or ordinance prescribing how sewer and water
connections shall be made, the board may adopt orders, from time to
time, directing the owners of the respective lots and parcels of land in
front of which it is desired that a sewer or water connection be made,
to make the same to conform to such resolution or ordinance and
specifying the time within which the same must be done. Before any
highway in which sewer or water mains have been laid, shall be paved or
otherwise improved, the town board may, in its discretion, direct the
owners of adjoining lots or parcels of land to make connections with
such sewers or water mains, at the curb line or at the sewer or water
main if extensions to the curb line have not been provided, under the
supervision of the town board, and in the manner required by the
resolution or ordinance, at such a distance apart as the board may
prescribe. The town clerk shall publish a notice thereof in the official
paper at least twice, the first publication of which shall be at least
fifteen days before the time specified for the completion of the work.
If, within the time prescribed in the order and notice, the connections
required to be made shall not have been so made, then the board may
cause the same to be done and audit and pay the expense of doing the
same and assess the expense thereof against the property benefited.