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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Town board constituted
§ 60. Town board constituted. 1. In every town the supervisor and the
town councilmen shall constitute the town board and shall be vested with
all the powers of such a town and shall possess and exercise all the
powers and be subject to all the duties now or hereafter imposed by law
upon town boards and town boards of health within such towns; but it is
not intended to extend the power of said boards or officers within the
limits of any incorporated village or city, or in any manner to abridge
or interfere with the power and authority of the officers of any such
village or city within its corporate limits, except as otherwise
provided by law.

2. In any town in which a town justice serves as a member of the town
board, such town justice shall continue to serve as a member of the town
board until the expiration of his term. Thereafter any town justice
shall not be a member of the town board and a town councilman shall be
elected as a member of such town board in place of such town justice
except as otherwise provided by the town board by resolution adopted
pursuant to the provisions of section sixty-a of this chapter.