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This entry was published on 2021-10-15
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Town Boards

Section 60. Town board constituted.

60-a. Removal of town justices from town board.

61. Commissions abolished.

62. Meetings of town board.

63. Presiding officer and rules of procedure.

64. General powers of town boards.

64-a. Payment in lieu of taxes for property acquired for park

or recreational purposes.

64-b. Powers of town with respect to municipal deposits in

national banks in liquidation.

64-c. Payment in lieu of taxes for property acquired for park

and recreational purposes.

64-d. Payment in lieu of taxes for property acquired for open

space purposes.

64-e. Peconic Bay region community preservation funds.

64-ee. Peconic Bay region septic system replacement loan


64-f. Town of Brookhaven community preservation fund.

64-g. Town of Warwick preservation funds.

64-h. Town of Red Hook preservation funds.

64-i. Town of Chatham preservation funds.

64-i*2. Town of Fishkill preservation funds.

64-j. Town of Northeast preservation funds.

64-k. Peconic Bay region community housing fund.

65. Actions and proceedings by and against towns.

65-a. Liability of towns and town superintendents of highways

in certain actions.

66. Place of trial of actions and proceedings against towns;

inhabitants not incompetent to act thereat.

67. Presentation of claims for torts: actions against towns.

68. Compromise of actions, proceedings or claims.

69. Duties of town board with respect to justice courts.