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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Commissions abolished
§ 61. Commissions abolished. Every separate board of commissioners is
hereby abolished, except fire district commissioners, and commissioners
of districts created pursuant to the provisions of chapter four hundred
twenty-three of the laws of nineteen hundred seventeen and chapter five
hundred fifty-five of the laws of nineteen hundred twenty-six, and the
commissioners of any district which shall have adopted a proposition
pursuant to subdivision ten of section three hundred forty-one of this
chapter. The town clerk shall forthwith notify the members of such
boards so abolished and they shall deliver to the town clerk within ten
days, all the records, books and papers of such boards or commissions
and, within the same time, shall deliver to the supervisor all funds,
and to the town board all other property in their possession or under
their control, and make complete and proper accounting therefor to the
town board. All powers heretofore exercised by said separate boards or
commissions so abolished shall hereafter be vested in and be exercised
by the town board.

Except as otherwise provided by law and subject to the provisions of
this chapter, districts now existing shall continue as now established
until such time as the town board may otherwise determine, pursuant to
the provisions of article twelve. The town board shall have authority
to, and may exercise in and for such districts all the powers permitted
by section one hundred ninety-eight of this chapter, and such additional
powers as shall be necessarily implied therefrom for the operation and
maintenance of such district or districts, including but not limited to
the employment of personal services and the purchase of required
equipment. The town board shall annually prepare a budget for the
operation and maintenance of each such district, including therein the
amounts necessary for the retirement of all bonds or other obligations
and for the payment of interest upon all outstanding indebtedness
becoming due during the next fiscal year, and the supervisor shall
submit such budget to the board of supervisors of the county at the
annual session thereof, and the total amount of such budget shall be
assessed and levied upon and collected from the taxable property within
such district or districts.