1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Town
  4. Article 6: Town Elections

Section 82 Notice of submission of proposition; hours of voting

Town (TWN)

The town board shall adopt a resolution at least twenty days before every special town election designating the hours of opening and closing the polls and the place or places of holding the election, and setting forth in full all propositions to be voted upon. If the town board shall designate more than one voting place, the resolution and the notice hereinafter provided for shall specify the place at which the qualified voters of each election district shall vote. The polls shall remain open for at least six consecutive hours between eight o'clock in the forenoon and eight o'clock in the evening. The voting upon a proposition shall be by ballot and each proposition submitted shall be separately stated and numbered thereon. The town clerk shall give notice of such special town election at the expense of the town by the publication of a notice in a newspaper published in said town, if there be any, or, if there be none, in a newspaper published in the county having general circulation in the town, specifying the time when and place or places where such election will be held, the hours during which the polls will remain open for the purpose of receiving ballots, and setting forth in full all propositions to be voted upon. The first publication of such notice shall be at least ten days prior to the time of such special election. In addition, the town clerk shall post or cause to be posted a copy of such notice on the sign-board of the town maintained pursuant to subdivision six of section thirty of this chapter at least ten days prior to such election. In the event that any such questions or propositions shall be submitted at a biennial town election, notice that the same will be submitted setting them forth in full shall be published and posted in the manner above provided for special town elections.