1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Town
  4. Article 6: Town Elections

Section 83 Conduct of town elections

Town (TWN)

The town board shall select from the list of election inspectors and ballot clerks previously designated for general election purposes, pursuant to the election law, persons to act as election inspectors and ballot clerks for each voting place at which a special town election shall be held. Election inspectors and ballot clerks for biennial town elections shall be those appointed as provided by the election law, and both special town elections and biennial elections shall be conducted, the votes canvassed, and the results certified and returned so far as practicable in the manner prescribed by such law. Upon the closing of the polls at any election at which a proposition or propositions shall be voted upon, the election inspectors shall proceed to canvass the votes thereat and shall complete such canvass without adjournment. As soon as possible after completion the inspectors shall file with the town clerk a certificate setting forth the holding of the election, the total number of votes cast upon each proposition, and the number of votes cast for and against each proposition, together with the name and address of every person voting at such election upon such proposition or propositions.