1. The Laws of New York
  2. Court Acts
  3. Uniform District Court
  4. Article 18-A: Commercial Claims

Section 1810-A Limitation on right to resort to commercial claims procedures

Uniform District Court (UDC)

  If the clerk shall find that the procedures of the commercial claims part are sought to be utilized by a claimant for purposes of oppression or harassment, as where a claimant has previously resorted to such procedures on the same claim and has been unsuccessful after the hearing thereon, the clerk may in his discretion compel the claimant to make application to the court for leave to prosecute the claim in the commercial claims part. The court upon such application may inquire into the circumstances and, if it shall find that the claim has already been adjudicated, or that the claim is sought to be brought on solely for purposes of oppression or harassment and not under color of right, it may make an order denying the claimant the use of the commercial claims part to prosecute the claim.