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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Uniform District Court Act (UDC) CHAPTER 565, ARTICLE 2
§ 206. Arbitration.

(a) Threshold questions under CPLR article 75. If an action of which
the court has jurisdiction has been duly commenced therein, and there
arises in such action any questions relating to the arbitrability of the
controversy, the court shall have jurisdiction completely to dispose of
such questions and CPLR article 75 shall be applicable thereto. But the
court shall not have jurisdiction of the special proceeding, as set
forth in CPLR § 7502 (a), used to bring before a court the first
application arising out of an arbitrable controversy, except as provided
in subdivision (b).

(b) Proceedings on award under CPLR article 75. Where a controversy
has been duly arbitrated and an award made therein is for relief which
is within the court's jurisdiction, the court shall have jurisdiction of
proceedings under CPLR §§ 7510 through 7514, relating to judicial
recognition of such awards, which provisions shall be applicable

(c) Arbitration distinct from CPLR article 75. The rules may provide
systems of arbitration and conciliation of claims within the court's
jurisdiction without reference to CPLR article 75.