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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Court clerks, marshals, and other employees; appointment; compensation
Uniform District Court Act (UDC) CHAPTER 565, ARTICLE 23
§ 2415. Court clerks, marshals, and other employees; appointment;
compensation. The board of judges shall appoint, subject to the approval
of the appellate division of the supreme court for the second judicial
department, such court clerks, deputy court clerks, marshals, deputy
marshals, stenographers and other assistants and employees as may be
provided by ordinance. Court clerks, marshals, deputy court clerks and
deputy marshals shall at the time of their appointment be residents of
the county and removal of any of them from the county shall vacate the
office or position of employment. All the officers and employees
provided by this section shall receive compensation to be fixed by
ordinance, which salaries together with other expenses of their offices
or employments as provided by the annual budget shall be a county