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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Powers, duties and liabilities of marshals and deputy marshals
Uniform District Court Act (UDC) CHAPTER 565, ARTICLE 23
§ 2422. Powers, duties and liabilities of marshals and deputy
marshals. 1. The marshals shall be the enforcement officers of the
court. The authority of a marshal extends throughout the county and all
provisions of law relating to the powers, duties and liabilities of
sheriffs in like cases and in respect to the taking and restitution of
property, shall apply to marshals. Every marshal shall keep a record of
his official acts in such manner as shall be prescribed by the appellate
division. Such records shall show, in addition to the official acts of
the marshal, all fees and sums received by the marshal therefor, the
expenses of the marshal in connection with the performance of his
official duties and his gross and net income as such marshal. The
records of every marshal shall be open to inspection by the appellate
division and such officers and employees of the court, or other persons,
agencies or officials, as may be designated by the appellate division.

2. A marshal shall be entitled to such fees as may be provided by the
uniform district court act. All fees paid on account of services
performed by him shall be the property of the county and shall be paid
to the court clerk daily and by him paid to the county treasurer as
hereinbefore provided in the case of all other county officers.

3. A marshal of the district court shall be a peace officer. All
monies other than marshal's fees received by the marshal or by the
sheriff in relation to the business of said courts which the county is
entitled to receive shall be paid to the county treasurer and a report
thereof shall be filed with the clerk of said courts.

4. A marshal of the district court shall serve all criminal process
issued out of the court whenever directed by statute, rule or order so
to do and whenever he is requested so to do by a judge of the court, and
he shall perform such other duties as any judge of the court may
require. The marshal shall receive no fees or compensation for the
service of any criminal process issued out of the court.

5. A deputy marshal of the district court shall have all the powers of
a marshal and be subject to all the duties and liabilities of a marshal
and shall give a bond in the same manner as a marshal before entering
upon the duties of this office and all the provisions of this act and of
the uniform district court act relating to marshals, their powers,
duties and liabilities, shall be deemed to apply with the same force and
effect to deputy marshals.