1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Vehicle & Traffic
  4. Title 1: Words and Phrases Defined
  5. Article 1: Words and Phrases Defined

Section 115-A Fire vehicle

Vehicle & Traffic (VAT)

Every vehicle operated for fire service purposes owned and identified as being owned by the state, a public authority, a county, town, city, village or fire district, or a fire corporation subject to the provisions of subdivision (e) of section fourteen hundred two of the not-for-profit corporation law or a fire company as defined in section one hundred of the general municipal law. Any of the following vehicles shall be fire vehicles only for the purpose of section one hundred one of this chapter: 1. a vehicle operated by officials of the office of fire prevention and control,

  2. a vehicle ordinarily operated by a chief or assistant chief of a fire department, or a county or deputy county fire coordinator, or county or assistant county fire marshall, or town or assistant town fire coordinator, or such vehicle when operated in an official capacity by or under the direction of such person, and

  3. a vehicle specially designed and equipped for firefighting purposes which is regularly used for firefighting purposes by a firefighting unit on property used for industrial, institutional or commercial purposes and which vehicle is owned by the owner or lessee of such property.