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This entry was published on 2023-12-15
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Words and Phrases Defined
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 1
Article 1. Words and phrases defined.
Section 100. Definition of words and phrases.

100-a. Access highway.

100-b. Ambulance.

100-c. Articulated bus.

100-d. Agricultural equipment.

101. Authorized emergency vehicle.

101-a. Automobile transporter.

101-b. Boat transporter.

101-c. B-train assembly.

102. Bicycle.

102-a. Bicycle lane.

102-b. Bicycle path.

102-c. Bicycle with electric assist.

103. Bureau.

104. Bus.

105. Business district.

105-a. Car carrier.

105-b. Certificate of registration.

106. Circulatory roadway.

106-a. Civil defense emergency vehicle.

107. Classes of cities.

107-b. Commercial towing.

108. Commissioner.

109. Controlled-access highway.

109-a. Correction vehicle.

109-b. County emergency medical services vehicle.

109-c. Conviction.

110. Crosswalk.

111. Curb.

112. Department.

112-a. Department of transportation.

113. Driver.

114. Driveway.

114-a. Drug.

114-b. Emergency operation.

114-c. Escort vehicle.

114-d. Electric personal assistive mobility device.

114-e. Electric scooter.

115. Explosives.

115-a. Fire vehicle.

115-b. Flagperson.

115-c. Emergency ambulance service vehicle.

115-d. Environmental emergency response vehicle.

116. Flammable liquid.

117. Gross weight.

117-a. Hazard vehicle.

117-b. Hazardous operation.

117-c. Hazardous materials emergency vehicle.

117-d. Blood delivery vehicle.

117-e. Human organ delivery vehicle.

118. Highway.

119. House coach.

119-a. Ignition interlock device.

119-b. Inflatable restraint system.

120. Intersection.

121. Laned roadway.

121-a. Limited use automobile.

121-b. Limited use motorcycle.

121-c. Limited use vehicle.

121-d. Leased vehicle.

121-e. Livery.

121-f. Low speed vehicle.

122. Local authorities.

122-a. Maximum gross weight.

122-b. Maximum performance speed.

122-c. Mobile home or manufactured home.

123. Motorcycle.

124. Minimum maintenance road.

125. Motor vehicles.

125-a. Off-highway motorcycle.

126. Omnibus.

127. Overhang.

128. Owner.

129. Park or parking.

129-a. Parking area of a shopping center.

129-b. Parking lot.

130. Pedestrian.

130-a. Wheelchair.

131. Person.

131-a. Place of public assembly.

132. Police officer.

132-a. Police vehicle.

133. Private road.

134. Public highway.

134-a. Qualifying highway.

134-b. Radar detector.

134-c. Laser detector.

135. Railroad.

135-a. Railroad grade crossing.

136. Railroad sign or signal.

137. Railroad train.

137-a. Rental vehicle.

138. Residence district.

139. Right of way.

140. Roadway.

140-a. In-line skate.

140-b. Roller skate.

140-c. Skate board.

140-d. Roundabout.

141. Safety zone.

141-a. Sanitation patrol vehicle.

141-b. Sani-vans.

142. School bus.

143. Semitrailer.

143-a. Shoulder.

144. Sidewalk.

144-a. Slope.

144-b. Snow emergency.

145. Stand or standing.

145-a. State expressway routes.

145-b. State interstate routes.

145-c. Snow emergency route.

145-d. Definition of snow tire.

145-e. Stinger-steered automobile transporter.

145-f. Stinger-steered boat transporter.

146. Stop.

147. Stop or stopping.

148. Street.

148-a. Taxicab.

148-b. Tow truck.

149. Through highway.

151-a. Tractor.

152. Traffic.

153. Traffic control devices.

154. Traffic-control signal.

155. Traffic infraction.

156. Trailer.

157. Trolley bus or trolley coach.

158. Truck.

158-a. U turn.

158-b. Vanpool vehicle.

159. Vehicle.

159-a. Waste collection vehicle.

160. Wheel lift.

161. Work area.