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This entry was published on 2019-04-19
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Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 8, ARTICLE 44-C
§ 1706. Reporting. Beginning one year after the operation date and
every two years thereafter, the Triborough bridge and tunnel authority,
in consultation with the city department of transportation shall report
on the effect of the central business district tolling program on
traffic congestion in and around the central business district and on
mass transit use and taxi and for-hire vehicle use including the
vehicle-miles traveled for each trip within the central business
district for taxis and for-hire vehicles; the current and historic
volume and type of vehicles including, but not limited to, commercial
trucks, transportation network companies, taxis, private cars, and tour
buses, entering the central business district; environmental
improvements, including but not limited to, air quality, and emissions
trends in and around the central business district; congestion reduction
measures; and transit ridership and average bus speeds within the
central business district, and on all receipts and expenditures relating
to the central business district tolling program. The department of
transportation of the city of New York shall be required to assist in
gathering and providing to the Triborough bridge and tunnel authority
traffic impact data and other related data as directed by the Triborough
bridge and tunnel authority for purposes of compiling such report. The
report shall be readily available to the public, and shall be posted on
the authority's website and be submitted to the governor, the director
of the budget, the temporary president of the senate, the speaker of the
assembly, the mayor and council speaker of the city of New York, the
metropolitan transportation authority board and the metropolitan
transportation authority capital program review board.