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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Rules and regulations
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 2
§ 215. Rules and regulations. (a) General. Subject to and in
conformity with the provisions of the vehicle and traffic law and the
constitution and laws of the state, the commissioner may enact, amend
and repeal rules and regulations which shall regulate and control the
exercise of the powers of the department and the performance of the
duties of officers, agents and other employees thereof.

(b) Vehicle equipment. If the commissioner and the attorney general
shall determine that any provision of this chapter relating to required
vehicle equipment has been preempted by a federal regulation or
standard, the commissioner may, in his discretion, promulgate a
regulation governing such item or items of equipment, in a manner
consistent with such federal regulation or standard. Such regulation,
when filed with the secretary of state, shall supersede the provisions
of this chapter relating to the same item or items of equipment,
provided that such regulation shall only remain in force and effect
until thirty days after the next adjournment of a regular session of the
legislature provided, however, that the authority to promulgate such
regulation shall only be exercised if the federal regulation or standard
involved does not take effect at a time when the legislature is in
regular session, and the commissioner's regulation is promulgated and
takes effect prior to the next ensuing regular session of the

(c) The commissioner shall determine the degree to which an
identification card issued to veterans by the United States department
of veterans affairs may be used as proof of name and/or age for the
purpose of obtaining a driver's license or non-driver identification
card under this chapter.