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This entry was published on 2021-11-05
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Department of Motor Vehicles; Commissioner
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 2

Section 200. Department of motor vehicles; commissioner.

201. Custody of records.

202. Fees for searches and copies of documents.

202-b. Penalties for submission of dishonored checks and credit

card payments.

203. Oaths and acknowledgments.

204. Subpoenaing hearing referees.

205. County clerks as agents of the commissioner; fees.

206. Deputization of agents.

207. Uniform traffic summons and complaint.

208. Affirmation of complaints.

209. Bureau of motor vehicles abolished; transfer of

functions; officers and employees.

210. Highway safety powers and duties.

211. Continuity of authority.

212. Transfer of records and property.

213. Terms occurring in contracts and other documents.

214. Proof of mailing of notice or order.

215. Rules and regulations.

216. Automotive-medical research division.

216-a. Statistics on driving while intoxicated.

217. Record of hearings.

218. Special classification of vehicles.

219. Interstate compacts.

220. Exemptions for safety equipment.

221. Annual compilation of this chapter.

222. Exemptions for testing, demonstration or experimentation.

223. Motor vehicle theft prevention program.

223-a. School bus motorist education program.

224. Simplification of business application procedures and


224-a. Establishment of the highway construction and maintenance

safety education program.