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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Owner may give proof for chauffeur or member of family
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 3, ARTICLE 7
§ 339. Owner may give proof for chauffeur or member of family.
Whenever the commissioner determines that any person required to give
proof or furnish security under this article, or under certain
provisions of article three previously numbered article six-a of this
chapter, as added by chapter six hundred ninety-five of the laws of
nineteen hundred twenty-nine and repealed by chapter eight hundred
seventy-two of the laws of nineteen hundred forty-one, is or later
becomes a chauffeur or motor vehicle operator, however designated, in
the employ of an owner of a motor vehicle, or is or later becomes a
member of the immediate family or household of the owner of a motor
vehicle, the commissioner shall accept proof of financial responsibility
given by such owner in lieu of proof by such person to permit such
person to operate a motor vehicle for which the owner has given proof as
herein provided. In case such person is one who is furnished proof of
financial responsibility by his employer, he shall not be required to
furnish security. The commissioner shall designate the restrictions
imposed by this section on the face of such person's operator's or
chauffeur's license.

If the owner of a motor vehicle is one who is required to furnish
coverage for the vehicle under section three hundred seventy of this
chapter, or one whose vehicles are operated under a permit or a
certificate of convenience and necessity issued pursuant to the public
service law or is a self-insurer, proof by the owner on behalf of
another as provided by this section may be made if there is filed with
the commissioner satisfactory evidence that such owner has complied with
the law with respect to his liability for damage caused by the operation
of his vehicles by providing the required insurance or other coverage or
that he is a self-insurer.