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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 3

Section 330. Commissioner to administer article; may require proof;

court review.

331. Proof required upon certain convictions.

332. Proof required in the event of certain judgments.

333. Payments sufficient to satisfy requirements of this


334. Suspension waived upon payment of judgment in installments.

335. Security and proof required following accident.

336. Duty of courts to report judgments.

337. Suspension, duration.

338. Application to non-resident, other persons.

339. Owner may give proof for chauffeur or member of family.

340. Surrender of license and evidences of registration.

341. Amount of proof required.

342. Alternate methods of giving proof.

343. Proof of financial responsibility by certificate showing

motor vehicle liability policy obtained.

344. Certificate furnished by non-resident.

345. Motor vehicle liability policy.

346. Proof of financial responsibility not required after

February first, nineteen hundred fifty-seven.

348. Article not to affect other policies.

349. Filing a bond as proof of financial responsibility.

350. Money or securities deposited as proof of financial


351. Person having given proof may substitute other proof.

352. If proof fails commissioner may require other proof.

353. When commissioner may release proof.

354. Commissioner to furnish operating record.

355. Operating without giving proof when proof required.

356. Forging or without authority signing proof of financial


357. Failing to report convictions and judgments.

358. Otherwise violating article.

359. Definitions.

360. Exceptions.

361. Self-insurers.

362. Article not to repeal other motor vehicle laws.

363. Expenses of administering article.

364. Uniformity of interpretation.

365. Short title.

366. Past application of article.

367. This article does not prevent other process.

368. Constitutionality.