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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Administration of agreement
Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 14-A
§ 405-b. Administration of agreement. The commissioner may: 1. Accept
applications for registrations, trip permits and any other document
which he may be empowered to issue under any agreement authorized by
section four hundred five of this article;

2. Collect from any applicant any and all fees required to be paid
either to this state or to any other jurisdiction which is a party to
such agreement;

3. Provide for the crediting of fees previously paid for the unexpired
portion of a registration when a conversion is made from a registration
issued under article fourteen of this chapter to a registration issued
under such agreement;

4. Accept any fees which are due to this state under any such
agreement which are paid to any other jurisdiction or agency and which
have been transmitted to him pursuant to any such agreement;

5. Pay or authorize the payment of any moneys collected by him on
behalf of any other jurisdiction which is party to such agreement to
such other jurisdictions;

6. Issue any number plate or plates, cab card, trip permit or any
other document which he is authorized to issue under such agreement;

7. Appoint agents to act for him in the issuance of trip permits,
provided that such agents shall not receive compensation from the state;

8. By regulation establish limitations upon the period of validity of
any trip permit issued for operation in this state or the number of such
permits which may be issued to any vehicle or applicant.