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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Vehicle & Traffic (VAT) CHAPTER 71, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 14-A
§ 405-c. Fees. 1. The schedules of annual registration fees set forth
in section four hundred one of this chapter shall constitute the
schedules of registration fees applicable to vehicles registered in
accordance with the provisions of any agreement entered into pursuant to
the authority granted in section four hundred five of this article.
Notwithstanding the provisions of section four hundred one of this
chapter, proration of fees due to this state for a registration issued
for a period of more or less than one year shall be prorated on a
monthly basis and any portion of a month shall be considered a month. In
addition, registration fees shall be subject to proration and
apportionment as provided in any such agreement.

2. In addition to the registration fees provided in subdivision one of
this section, each applicant for such registration shall pay a fee of
two dollars and fifty cents for each cab card, including a duplicate,
issued by the commissioner in accordance with such agreement. If a
number plate or plates is or are to be issued as a result of such
application, the applicant shall also pay any fee which would be
required of any applicant for registration of a similar type vehicle
under section four hundred one of this title for the issuance of a
number plate or plates.

3. The fee for a trip permit which allows operation of a vehicle
within this state shall be eighteen dollars and seventy-five cents.

4. Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of this section, the
difference collected between the fees set forth in subdivisions two and
three of this section in effect on and after September first, two
thousand nine and the fees set forth in such subdivisions in effect
prior to such date shall be deposited to the credit of the dedicated
highway and bridge trust fund.