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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Volunteer Ambulance Workers' Benefit (VAW) CHAPTER 64-B

Section 40. Notice of injury or death.

41. Claim for benefits.

42. Reports of injuries, claims and proceedings.

43. Determination of claims for benefits.

44. Presumptions.

4 5. Modification of awards, decisions or orders.

46. Appeals.

47. Costs and fees.

48. Representation before the workers' compensation board.

49. Benefits; how payable.

50. Payments pending controversies.

51. Fund for reopened cases.

52. Awards to nonresidents; nonresident compensation fund.

53. Enforcement of payment.

54. Aggregate trust fund.

55. Penalty for false representation.

56. Non-duplication of benefits.

57. Miscellaneous provisions.

58. Application of provisions of workers' compensation law.

59. Liberal construction.

60. Assessment for expenses.

61. Death or disability due to disease or malfunction of heart

or coronary arteries; claims and procedures.