1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Village
  4. Article 2: Incorporation

Section 2-250 Town legislation to carry over

Village (VIL)

For a period of two years after the date of incorporation, all local laws, ordinances, rules or regulations, which otherwise would apply to and affect only such part of a town as is outside the limits of any incorporated village, of any town in which the village, or a part thereof, is located in effect on the date of incorporation of the village, including but not limited to zoning ordinances, shall remain in effect in such village or such part thereof as if same had been duly adopted by the board of trustees, provided, however, that such local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations so carried over shall be enforced and administered by the appropriate town officials until the first day of June following the first day of January next succeeding the date of incorporation and thereafter by the appropriate village officials; and provided further, however, that any such local law, ordinance, rule or regulation shall cease to be in effect in the village or any part thereof when so determined by any general, special or local law, or when replaced by any general or special law covering the same subject matter; and provided further, however, from the date of incorporation the village may prepare and enact local laws, resolutions, rules, and regulations to be effective as provided in such local laws, resolutions, rules and regulations.