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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Village (VIL) CHAPTER 64

Section 2-200 Population and area requirements.

2-202 Petition for incorporation.

2-204 Notice of hearing.

2-206 Proceeding on hearing.

2-208 Decision as to legal sufficiency of petition.

2-210 Review of decision.

2-212 Right to election.

2-214 Notice of election.

2-216 Qualification of voters.

2-218 Registration list of voters.

2-220 Conduct of election.

2-222 Canvass of election.

2-224 Review of election.

2-226 Notice of proceeding for review of election.

2-228 Stay of further proceedings.

2-230 New election.

2-232 Report of incorporation.

2-234 Date and certificate of incorporation and effective dates.

2-236 Payment of expenses incurred in proceedings for

incorporation if village not incorporated.

2-240 Appointment of village clerk.

2-242 First election of officers, terms of office.

2-244 Notice of election, appointment of inspectors.

2-246 Conduct of first village election.

2-248 First meeting of the board of trustees.

2-250 Town legislation to carry over.

2-252 Town and district services continued.

2-254 Effect of incorporation on all districts entirely within


2-256 Liability to special districts and collection of funds.

2-258 Apportionment of property and obligations of a special

district of a town upon the incorporation of a part in a