1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Village
  4. Article 2: Incorporation

Section 2-258 Apportionment of property and obligations of a special district of a town upon the incorporation of a part in a village

Village (VIL)

If the territory so incorporated as a village includes within its boundaries part of a special district established by the town for a sewer, water, light, fire, park, health, police or any other special district for municipal purposes, the proportion of the bonded debt incurred by the town and payable by a tax against the property within a special district, for whose benefit the bonds were issued which shall be assumed by the village and the apportionment of personal and real property belonging to the special district shall be determined according to the relative assessed valuation of the personal and real property in that portion of the special district without the village and that portion within the village, in the following manner: the town board of the town when acting as a board for special district exclusive of a member who may reside in the village or the commissioner or commissioners of a special district where the special district is managed by a commissioner or commissioners exclusive of a member who may reside in the village and the trustees of the village being unable to agree within six months after the incorporation of the village becomes complete upon the proportion of the debt and the apportionment of the personal and real property, then the supreme court shall have power to determine such division and to enforce such award, division and determination as shall be made in the premises in a suit in equity to be brought in the name of either of the said parties.