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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Building Zones
Village (VIL) CHAPTER 64

Section 7-700 Grant of power.

7-701 Transfer of development rights; definitions;

conditions; procedures.

7-702 Districts.

7-703 Incentive zoning; definitions, purpose, conditions,


7-703-a Planned unit development zoning districts.

7-704 Purposes in view.

7-706 Method of procedure.

7-708 Changes.

7-709 Exemption of lots shown on approved subdivision plats.

7-710 Adoption of first zoning local law.

7-712 Zoning board of appeals.

7-712-a Board of appeals procedure.

7-712-b Permitted action by board of appeals.

7-712-c Article seventy-eight proceeding.

7-714 Remedies.

7-716 Conflict with other laws.

7-718 Planning board; creation, appointment.

7-722 Village comprehensive plan.

7-724 Official maps, changes in official map; notice of


7-725-a Site plan review.

7-725-b Approval of special use permits.

7-728 Subdivision review; approval of plats; development of

filed plats.

7-730 Subdivision review; approval of plats; additional


7-732 Subdivision review; record of plats.

7-734 Buildings in streets; permits; hearings; review.

7-736 Construction of municipal utility in streets; permits

for erection of buildings; appeal; review by court.

7-738 Subdivision review; approval of cluster development.

7-739 Coordination with agricultural districts program.

7-740 Review of decisions of planning board.

7-741 Intermunicipal cooperation in comprehensive planning

and land use regulation.

7-742 Separability clause.