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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Criminal prosecution; certifications
Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67, ARTICLE 7
§ 132. Criminal prosecution; certifications. 1. The attorney-general
may prosecute every person charged with the commission of a criminal
offense in violation of this chapter, or of any rule, regulation or
order made thereunder, or in violation of the laws of this state,
applicable to or arising out of any provision of this chapter or any
rule, regulation or order made thereunder.

2. Every check or draft issued directly to a benefit recipient or
provider of health services in payment of a claim made pursuant to this
chapter shall contain a printed statement on the reverse side
immediately above the signature line for the first endorsement
indicating that in endorsing the check or draft for payment the benefit
recipient or provider of health services is certifying that such person
is entitled to such payment and that circumstances which would affect
entitlement to receive the payment have not changed. The statement shall
be in a form prescribed by the workers' compensation board after
consultation with the superintendent of financial services.

3. The check or draft described in subdivision two of this section
shall be claim forms within the meaning of section 176.00 of the penal
law and subsection (d) of section four hundred three of the insurance