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This entry was published on 2023-01-06
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Miscellaneous Provisions
Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67

Miscellaneous Provisions.
Section 110. Record and report of injuries by employers.

110-a. Confidentiality of workers' compensation records.

110-b. Reporting of injuries to employer.

111. Information to be furnished by employer.

112. Inspection of records of employers.

113. Interstate commerce.

114. Penalties for fraudulent practices.

114-a. Disqualification for false representation.

114-b. Readjustment of an employer's experience rating.

114-c. Multiple offenses.

115. Limitation of time.

116. Sessions.

117. Rules.

118. Technical rules of evidence or procedure not required.

118-a. Effect of findings and determinations in subsequent


119. Subpoenas.

120. Discrimination against employees.

121. Depositions.

121-a. Proof of dependency in foreign countries.

122. Transcripts.

123. Jurisdiction of board to be continuing.

124. Reporting.

125. Job discrimination prohibited based on prior receipt of


125-a. Discriminating against an injured veteran.

127. Construction.

128. Unconstitutional provisions.

129. Actions or causes of action pending.

130. Workmen's compensation premiums shall be deemed preferred


131. Payroll records.

132. Criminal prosecution; certifications.

133. Refunds and credits.

134. Workplace safety and loss prevention program;

certification of safety and loss management


135. Premium credits for safety investment.

136. Workers' compensation fraud inspector general.

137. Independent medical examinations.