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Salaries and expenses
Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67, ARTICLE 8
§ 148. Salaries and expenses. 1. The chairman and members of the board
shall devote their entire time to the duties of their office and shall
not practice in their respective professions or callings. The reasonable
and necessary expenses of the board and the reasonable and necessary
traveling and other expenses of the chairman and members of the board,
the secretary and other officers and employees of the board, while
actually engaged in the performance of their duties, outside of the city
of Albany, or if any such officer or employee be in charge of or
actually employed at an office of the board outside of the city of
Albany, the reasonable and necessary traveling and other expenses
outside of the place in which such office is located, shall be paid from
the state treasury upon the audit and warrant of the comptroller, upon
vouchers approved by the chairman or vice-chairman or secretary of the

2. For the purpose of extending the benefits of workmen's compensation
and improving administration and expediting the adjudication of claims,
the chairman is hereby authorized, within the limits of the
appropriation available therefor, to initiate studies and surveys, to
observe operations in other states, to conduct research, and to make
investigations in the entire field of workmen's compensation, within and
without the state of New York. The chairman is also hereby authorized to
accept a gift, grant, or contribution of funds to be used in his
discretion to carry out the purposes of this subdivision and shall in
the annual report of the board set forth the progress of the same.