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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67, ARTICLE 8
§ 149. Employees. Permanent employees of the department of labor
assigned to duties wholly in relation to the enforcement and
administration of this chapter, in the competitive class of the
classified civil service in office when this section takes effect shall
continue in office, except that upon certification by the chairman to
the director of the budget filed within sixty days from the time this
chapter takes effect that any such employee is not required for the
exercise of the functions, powers, duties and obligations transferred
and assigned to the board pursuant to this chapter, such employee shall
not be continued; provided, however, that whenever there are more than
three officers or employees in the same class and grade of position the
provisions of section thirty-one of the civil service law shall apply,
and any such employee or employees not continued in office shall be
placed on the preferred eligible list.

The chairman of the board may appoint officers and employees,
including such investigators, statisticians, examiners, and other
assistants, as may be necessary for the exercise of the powers and the
performance of the duties of the chairman or the board.

The chairman may transfer officers or employees from their positions
to other positions under the board; may abolish or consolidate such
positions; and may suspend or remove from office any officer or employee
of the board; subject, however, to the provisions of the civil service
law and rules.