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Representation before the workers' compensation board
Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67, ARTICLE 2
§ 24-a. Representation before the workers' compensation board. 1. No
person, firm or corporation, other than an attorney and
counsellor-at-law, shall appear on behalf of any claimant or person
entitled to the benefits of this chapter, before the board or any
officer, agent or employee of the board assigned to conduct any hearing,
investigation or inquiry relative to a claim for compensation or
benefits under this chapter, unless he or she shall be a citizen of the
United States or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in
the United States, and shall have obtained from the board a license
authorizing him or her to appear in matters or proceedings before the
board. Such license shall be issued by the board in accordance with the
rules established by it. Any person, firm or corporation violating the
aforesaid provisions shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. The board, in its
rules, shall provide for the issuance of licenses to representatives of
charitable and welfare organizations, and to associations who employ a
representative to appear for members of such association, upon
certification of the proper officer of such association or organization,
which licenses shall issue without charge; and may provide for a license
without fee in the case of all other persons, firms or corporations in
an amount to be fixed by said rules. The board shall have such tests of
character and fitness with respect to applicants for licenses, and such
rules governing the conduct of those licensed, as aforesaid, as it may
deem necessary.

2. There shall be maintained in each office of the board a registry or
list of persons to whom licenses have been issued as provided herein,
which list shall be corrected as often as licenses are issued or
revoked. Absence of a record of a license issued as herein provided
shall be prima facie evidence that a person, firm or corporation is not
licensed to represent claimants. Any such license may be revoked by the
board, for cause, after a hearing before the board. No license hereunder
shall be issued for a period longer than three years from the date of
its issuance.

3. Refusal by any person to whom a license has been issued authorizing
him to appear on behalf of any claimant to answer, upon request of the
board, or other duly authorized officer, board or committee of the
state, any legal question or to produce any relevant book or paper
concerning his conduct under such license, shall constitute adequate
cause for revocation thereof.

4. Only an attorney, or a representative licensed in accordance with
rules established by the board pursuant to subdivisions three-b and
three-d of section fifty of this chapter, shall appear on behalf of an
employer or an insurance carrier regarding a claim for compensation or
any benefits under this chapter before the board or any officer, agent
or employee of the board assigned to conduct any hearing relative to a
claim for compensation or benefits under this chapter. The provisions of
this subdivision shall not apply to a designated regular employee of a
self-insured employer, or of an insurance carrier appearing on behalf of
his or her employer, but the board may prohibit the appearance of any
such employee for cause.