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This entry was published on 2022-12-16
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Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67

Section 9. Definitions.

10. Liability for compensation.

11. Alternative remedy.

12. Compensation not allowed for first seven days.

13. Treatment and care of injured employees.

13-a. Selection of authorized physician by employee.

13-aa. Medical appeals unit.

13-b. Authorization of providers, medical bureaus and

laboratories by the chair.

13-c. Licensing of compensation medical bureaus and


13-d. Removal of providers from lists of those authorized to

render medical care or to conduct independent medical


13-e. Revocation of licenses of compensation medical bureaus

and laboratories.

13-f. Payment of medical fees.

13-g. Payment of bills for medical care.

13-h. Ombudsman for injured workers.

13-i. Solicitation prohibited.

13-j. Medical or surgical treatment by insurance carriers and


13-k. Care and treatment of injured employees by duly licensed


13-l. Care and treatment of injured employees by duly licensed


13-m. Care and treatment of injured employees by duly licensed


13-n. Mandatory registration of entities which derive income

from independent medical examinations.

13-o. Pharmaceutical fee schedule.

13-p. Comprehensive prescription drug formulary.

14. Weekly wages basis of compensation.

14-a. Double compensation and death benefits when minors

illegally employed.

15. Schedule in case of disability.

15-a. Assessment on insolvent group self-insured trusts.

16. Death benefits.

16-a. Death benefits due to diesel exposure.

17. Noncitizens.

17-a. Limited English proficiency.

18. Notice of injury or death.

18-a. Notice: The New York Jockey Injury Compensation Fund,


18-b. Notice; the New York black car operators' injury

compensation fund, inc.

18-c. Independent livery bases.

19. Physical examination.

19-a. Physicians not to accept fees from carriers.

19-b. Treatment by physicians in employ of board.

19-c. Actions against health services personnel; defense and


20. Determination of claims for compensation.

21. Presumptions.

21-a. Temporary payment of compensation.

22. Modification of awards, decisions or orders.

23. Appeals.

23-a. Mistakes, defects and irregularities.

24. Costs and fees.

24-a. Representation before the workers' compensation board.

25. Compensation, how payable.

25-a. Procedure and payment of compensation in certain claims;

limitation of right to compensation.

25-b. Awards to non-residents: Non-resident compensation fund.

26. Enforcement of payment in default.

26-a. Procedure and payment of compensation in claims against

uninsured defaulting employers.

27. Depositing future payments in the aggregate trust fund.

27-a. Investments in obligations of designated public benefit

corporations; indemnifications.

27-b. Amortization of gains or losses.

27-c. Appropriations to the aggregate trust fund.

28. Limitation of right to compensation.

29. Remedies of employees; subrogation.

30. Revenues or benefits from other sources not to affect


31. Agreement for contribution by employee void.

32. Waiver agreements.

32-a. Waivers of specific coverage prohibited.

33. Assignments; exemptions.

34. Preferences.

35. Safety net.