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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Posthumous schedule awards
Workers' Compensation (WKC) CHAPTER 67, ARTICLE 3-A
§ 49-dd. Posthumous schedule awards. If an employee shall die before
he shall have been removed from exposure to harmful noise for a period
of at least three consecutive months as hereinbefore provided, an award
may be made payable in accordance with the provisions of subdivision
four of section fifteen of this chapter and such award shall not be
barred by the fact that the deceased shall not have been removed from
harmful noise for a period of at least three consecutive months. In such
case the extent and degree of the employee's occupational loss of
hearing, and the award, if any, to be paid for such loss under
subdivision three of section fifteen of this chapter, shall be
determined upon the submission of proper proof of the occupational loss
of hearing sustained by the deceased employee. The date of disablement
shall be the date of the employee's death.