Racing, Gaming, Wagering Committee Meeting; January 20, 2010

Eric Adams

January 20, 2010

Racing, Gaming and Wagering
: January 20, 2010
Original Meeting time 10AM- Postponed and met at 2:30PM
Location: Capitol 123

No Nominations
No Resolutions

Speakers: John Sabini, Chairman, NYS Racing and Wagering Board


S.706C  Klein
Relates to regulations implementing video lottery gaming in this state; sets minimum and maximum hours of operation based upon the number of terminals offered by vendor tracks; requires regulations for games capable of generating random results.

S.2827  C Johnson
Authorizes video lottery gaming at Belmont Park.

S.3021  Adams
Departmental Bill #48
Relates to the imposition of fines.
New York State Racing and Wagering Board

S.3022  Adams
Departmental Bill #90
Relates to authorizing participation in an interstate compact for occupational horse race licenses.
New York State Racing and Wagering Board

S.3023  Adams
Departmental Bill #102
Relates to the powers and duties of the racing and wagering board to impose certain fines; increases certain fines from five thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars.
New York State Racing and Wagering Board

S.6352  Adams
Authorizes state colleges with a regents approved equine science program and drug administration facilities to conduct equine drug testing at race meetings.

Note- All bills moved through committee.
S. 706C, S. 2827, S. 6352 reported to Finance
S. 3021, S. 3022, S. 3023 reported to Codes