Statement from Senator Adams on the passing of Honorable Nelson Mandela

Eric Adams

December 8, 2013

Senator Adams states: “Nelson Mandela was a giant amongst men, who positively affected the lives of others.  Throughout Mandela’s lengthy career of activism and public service, his life exemplified the importance of an individual standing up for what one believes in, maintaining the principal of democracy and fighting for equality for all.  People are not born to innately hate one another because of one’s race, beliefs or economic status, they are taught to hate.  So if one can be taught how to hate, one can be taught how to love, and Nelson Mandela did just that—taught us how to love each other despite our differences.  As the lead public figure responsible for putting an end to the unfair policy of Apartheid in South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s worldwide impact still resonates today.  Honorable Nelson Mandela will be missed—but his legacy will continue on as long as we follow his example, to stand up for what is right, just and fair.”