Senator Martins Holds Listening Session at the Magnet Sports Lounge

Jack M. Martins

December 6, 2012

State Senator Jack Martins held another community 'listen session' at the Magnet Sports Lounge that was attended by over 300 Elmont and South Floral Park residents. The networking listen session gave residents the opportunity to speak one on one with Senator Martins and express their concerns and hopes for future economic development opportunities in the greater community. Joining Senator Martins in the session were Elmont School Trustees, Mayor Geoffrey Prime of South Floral Park and Trustee George Ingram. In addition to economic development initiatives, Education, Hempstead Turnpike Safety, Revitalization programs and more were actively discussed and explored in small groups and one-on-one with Senator Martins. “This listen session was a great success. The ideas and enthusiasm people brought to this ongoing series of discussions were positive and expressed in a constructive way. I want to thank everyone who came to Magnet and took the opportunity to talk to me and offer me some great advice and insight,” said Senator Martins.