Testimony from Cyber Security: Defending New York from Cyberattacks

Joseph A. Griffo

November 21, 2013

On Monday, Nov. 18, six Senate committees came together at the Griffiss Institute in Rome to hear testimony from experts in law enforcement, finance and commerce regarding an ongoing threat to state and national security: cyber-crime.

The entire hearing can be viewed here.

This document includes testimony from:

Benjamin J. Lawsky, superintendent of Financial Services
Joseph A. D'Amico, superintendent of New York State Police
Jerome M. Hauer, commissioner of Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
Doug Johnson, vice president and senior advisor on risk management policy, American Bankers Association
Josiah Wilkinson, attorney at Nationwide Insurance
Dow Williamson, executive director of SCIPP International
Renault Ross, technical architect, information protection, Symantec Corp.
Shiu-Kai Chin, Syracuse University professor
Steve Chapin, associate professor of computer science, Syracuse University
Mary Chruscicki, executive director, CYBER New York Alliance
Tony Cole, vice president/global government CTO, FireEye Inc.
Peter Muscanelli, vice president of sales and marketing for Colt Recycling & Refining