Squadron, NYCEDC, Parks, “Paths to Pier 42” Restore Interim Use, Activities at Pier 42

Squadron, NYCEDC, “Paths to Pier 42” Collaborate to Continue Use and Programming for 4th Year

Squadron Continues Long Push for Active Parkland at Pier 42

NEW YORK – Today, State Senator Daniel Squadron, New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) with fellow members of "Paths to Pier 42," and Community Board 3, announced that interim use and programming at Pier 42 have been restored for the season. Interim use and programming at the Pier had been slated to end in 2015, but Squadron worked with NYCEDC to secure funding for this season, and the "Paths to Pier 42" partnership agreed to provide programming.

Squadron has long advocated for active recreation at Pier 42, working with the Parks Department and the community. NYCEDC provided $50,000 in grants to support the programming. The LMCC-spearheaded programming schedule will be part of interim use at the northern portion of the Pier. It will include activities run by Paths to Pier 42 coalition groups, including park greening and clean-up efforts; arts, culture, and ecology activities, and community programming. The programming will kick-off on Saturday, July 23rd with a day of hands-on park improvement activities for all ages. The Paths to Pier 42 coalition includes Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES), Hester Street Collaborative, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council, and the Lower East Side Ecology Center.

Since 2013, the “Paths to Pier 42” project has brought neighborhood residents, artists, designers and community organizations together to activate Pier 42 on the Lower East Side Waterfront as a temporary park space with collaborative art installations and public events. A true collaborative effort, the project builds on neighborhood advocacy to create more accessible green, open space on the waterfront by increasing access and programming Pier 42 while it awaits permanent transformation.

“This summer, we're bringing more access and more activities to Pier 42 as we bring more parkland to the Lower East Side!,” said State Senator Daniel Squadron. “A world-class park at Pier 42 is closer to becoming a reality than ever. I'm thrilled to have worked with NYCEDC, the Department of Parks and Recreation, Community Board 3, LMCC, and all of Paths to Pier 42, and the community to save interim use and programming this year. ”

“The Lower East Side has nurtured arts and culture for generations,” said NYCEDC President Maria Torres-Springer. “That’s why it has been a particular pleasure to work with Senator Squadron, LMCC, and our partners in government to bring public arts programming back to Pier 42 this summer. Community and educational activities along one of lower Manhattan’s most vibrant open waterfront recreational spaces help us celebrate this neighborhood’s rich heritage while we envision its future.”

“The Parks Department is pleased to work with State Senator Squadron and the community groups to provide free summer programming on the Pier 42 interim site again this summer,” said Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver, FAICP. “We encourage the community to take advantage of this great opportunity for waterfront access as a forerunner of the wonderful park that will be built here.”  

“As we celebrate the successes of the partnership over the last three years, we're excited that the momentum continues to build around arts and cultural programming on the East River. Sen. Squadron's unwavering support, along with the dedication from our partners and the artists is an extremely promising sign for the future of Pier 42, and we are so proud to be a part of this activity,” said Andrew D. Hamingson, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

“Community Board 3 has long supported funding for Pier 42 as its top capital priority for the community. We appreciate Senator’s Squadron’s continued very strong support for creating this destination park that will provide waterfront access and amenities needed by the community. Community Board 3 is thankful that Senator Squadron and NYCEDC have secured funding to continue active programming for this recreational space so that the community can access and enjoy our valuable waterfront,” said Jamie Rogers, Chair, Community Board 3.

“Senator Squadron has been especially essential in gaining much needed attention and financial support for the park, and his staff very helpful and effective. We could not have gone this far without them,” said Victor Papa, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council.

“The Lower East Side Ecology Center is looking forward to engaging local residents in activities to make the estuary and its natural resources accessible and better appreciated for another season - the programming offered through the Path to Pier 42 partners in the past years were highly successful to activate the pier and to delight the community,” said Christine Datz-Romero, Lower East Side Ecology Center.

Squadron has brought over $28 million to Pier 42, securing $16 million in 2012 and an additional $12 million this past March, along with U.S. Senator Schumer, the Parks Department, Community Board 3, Paths to Pier 42, and the community. Also in 2012, Squadron worked with the Parks Department to bring interim use to the space, which has continued since, in partnership with the community.