Doryne Isley

Doryne Isley is currently the Portfolio Manager for Urban American, where she manages a real estate portfolio of rental properties spanning New York City and Mount Vernon. Always taking pride in her work, Ms. Isley goes above and beyond her duties and responsibilities. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to community service for over 40 years through fortitude and relentless hard work.

Ms. Isley is a selfless volunteer, serving as Treasurer for the Salvation Army Harlem Corps, as Chairperson of Phase Piggy Back, Commissioner of the Mount Vernon Housing Authority, President of the Mount Vernon Lions Club and Co-Chair of Mount Vernon’s Centennial Committee. In addition, she plays a very active role as a member of Mount Vernon’s Small Business and Minority Loan Committee. Ms. Isley is most proud of her commitment and dedication to the residents she serves.

As Ms. Isley oversees 5,000 housing units, she touches the lives of thousands on a daily basis. She has dedicated much time and energy to improving the quality of housing for both her residents and the community, privatizing the public housing units in Mount Vernon, paving the way for much-needed renovations and playing a key role in 10 Mitchell Lama buyouts.

Having attended Iona College for Facility Management, Ms. Isley contributes her success to growing up in the South Bronx, and understanding the need for housing that is not only affordable but full of quality. She has turned her career into her passion, a passion for helping those in need to find homes that are suitable and affordable.

Ms. Isley has the dedicated support of her loving husband, Clyde Isley, and is the proud mother of four and Nana to five grandchildren.