State Senator Gustavo Rivera On Single Payer Bill Passing The California State Senate

"I applaud the efforts of the California State Senate in approving a bill that aims to create a single-payer system in the state. While this proposal still needs to pass the California State Assembly and will likely go through further amendments as it continues through the legislative process, this vote represents a huge step forward in ensuring access to affordable health insurance to every Californian. 

In the face of federal efforts to strip health coverage from millions of Americans with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, states have the obligation to do what is right and implement adequate measures to safeguard the health of every resident within their state.

As the Ranking Member of the Senate Health Committee and the proud sponsor of this bill in the New York State Senate, I will continue to work tirelessly to follow in the footsteps of legislators in California, as well as my colleagues in the New York State Assembly, and pass the single payer bill in my house."